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About KFL

Tapio Kajavala History Kawerau 1972 Tarawera Forest

Brief History

In 1970 Tapio Kajavala planted trees, an honest yet humble job. Weekends he shot deer to sell. His wife was a night shift nurse. Together they put enough money aside to start KFL in Kawerau in 1972. A small, hardworking forest harvesting business.

1996 saw KFL experiment with, then, cutting edge computer systems to maximise returns to the forest owner. These systems were best based in Log Yards, rather than in forests. The positive results saw KFL shift from forest harvesting to Log Yard management and log logistics.

Kajavala Forestry Limited Kawerau Team.jpg

Imagine a situation where the workers and teams have everything they need and pretty much everything they want. Workers at front of mind
What do you think the work is like?
And so, what do you think the customer experience is like?
This simple approach is how we serve the people, the community and our forest logistics customers.

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KFL Today

We love what we do. But it is the way in which we do it that we are most proud. Zero bosses or managers. Just super committed workers working together.

Based in Kawerau, KFL handles 6% of NZ forestry output.

We specialise in getting the most valuable combination of logs from a tree.

A tree takes 28 years to mature. We feel that we owe it to both the tree and the owner of that tree to get the very best from it.

The KFL Story

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